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Remote Office Solutions

OTG Remote Office gives employees flexibility, owners peace of mind, and frees IT professionals to focus on important projects.

Work Anywhere

Remote Office helps attract top-talent by enabling a flexible working environment.

Centralize Data

Secure your company by keeping everybody's data safely in one place.

Reduce IT Costs

Reduce IT costs with Remote Office and OTG as your trusted MSP.

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OTG Remote Office

What is Remote Office?

Remote Office enables teams to work from anywhere, while securely centralizing data and integrating with existing applications and software suites like Microsoft 365.

On the surface, it looks and feels just like a regular computer. Underneath, it’s a corporate-class, secure system that enables work from anywhere.

All that is needed is an internet connection, and teams will be able to access the software they already use – all within a lightning-fast, secure, centralized environment.

Remote Office

Technology Partners

We rely on key technology partners to help make our remote working solution possible.

OTG Remote Office

Why Choose Remote Office?

Your company is built on data. What it took to build that data makes it too important not to protect.

It centralizes your data, and as a result reduces the chance of loss – for teams working from the office, at home, or even a coffee shop two timezones away.

Whether your company wants to centralize data, offer employees more flexibility, or both, our fully-featured solution revolutionizes how your company works. All you need is need is an internet connection.

How Remote Office Transforms Companies:

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Their Remote Office solution has been indispensable, and helped us unify the operations of our 30 locations and more than 300 employees working across Canada.

Mike Kustra
President, RTD/TriCan

OTG Remote Office

Benefits for Everyone

The benefits of implementing our remote work solution will be felt at every corner of your organization. Enabling a more secure and flexible work environment has never been easier.  All you need is an internet connection.


It's about flexibility.

For Employees

Fully remote or hybrid, Remote Office provides the flexibility to work where and when teams want. Work is always safely backed up, and communication and collaboration is easy with Microsoft 365 and more.

IT Leaders

Security + centralization.

IT Leaders

Free IT teams from perpetual maintenance mode, enabling them to focus on projects that drive companies forward. Rest assured knowing employees are accessing a secure, fully-managed system, regardless of location.


It's about flexibility.


Strengthen your bottom line, reduce the risks with the centralization of your data, all while attracting top talent with flexible working options.

Oxford Technology Group

Remote Office Plans

Oxford Technology Group offers a number of flexible solutions that will enable remote work in your business. Contact us today to find out more.


Perfect for companies with a team of dedicated IT professionals.



Designed for companies looking for a managed services partner.

Hybrid + Custom


We can build the perfect remote work solution for your company.

For complete details on a integrating Remote Office into your work environment, please contact us today.


General Questions

Have questions about building a remote work solution for your company? Keep reading, and be sure to contact us if you don’t find your answer below.

Integrating OTG Remote Office into your company depends on a number of factors. Please contact us today and we will be happy to assess, and provide a quotation for you as quickly as possible.

Yes! Using a computer or another device, users connect into a secure, virtual work environment that lives on a centralized server. It works exactly like a physical desktop or laptop computer, and has all the software that teams use every day.

Yes. OTG Remote Office is hosted on extremely fast, state-of-the-art infrastructure. Working in your virtual environment feels just as fast  like using a desktop or laptop computer – everything from scrolling, to mouse clicks and even video streaming.

To get the most out of OTG Remote Office, we recommend a minimum internet connection speed of 6 Megabits per second (Mbps). For comparison, most home internet packages are at least 30 Mbps (with many now delivering 250 and even 500 Mbps).

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Have Questions?

Contact Us Today.

OTG Remote Office

Industry Specific

Remote Office by OTG has helped unlock the potential of a number of businesses from a wide range of industries.

Remote Office

Improve team efficiency, and enable secure access to business systems from virtually anywhere.

IT Consulting

Deliver your next IT project on time, and within budget by choosing OTG as your technology partner.

Network Services

We design and install corporate networks, and provide the security monitoring to keep them protected.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Harness the power of a robust BDR plan to protect your business from data loss and ransomware attacks.

What Clients Say

Our fast-paced business demands reliability, and for almost 15 years we have been depended on OTG to deliver exactly that. Their Remote Office solution has been indispensable, and helped us unify the operations of our 30 locations and more than 300 employees working across Canada.

Mike Kustra President, RTD/TriCan

The best call I ever made for my business was the one to OTG. Their expertise hasn’t only saved me a lot of stress, time and money - it’s enabled me to focus all my energy on running my business.

Ed Lamers President, Tillsonburg Custom Foods

For more than a decade OTG has been a critical IT partner by providing first-class 24/7 support for our variety of needs. Our business runs on their services – things like server maintenance, backup support, hardware integration and network monitoring. Their partnership and skill has exceeded our expectations, and enabled us to reduce in-house IT requirements.

Brendan O'Neill Manager, London Hospital Service Inc.

There is no question that our partners at OTG are deeply invested in understanding how our company works. They listen, and ask great questions that make us think about what would make our jobs easier. Building systems that do this means our team can focus entirely on our client’s cases, and not have to worry about things like losing data.

Ennio Micacchi Partner, Nesbitt Coulter Law Firm

Since 2001

Our IT expertise comes from helping clients through every stage of their digital transformation. We can help with yours.

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