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Backup & Disaster Recovery Plans

Will your company’s backup and disaster recovery plan be up to the task in the event of data loss due to a natural disaster?

Protect Data

BDRs protect critical assets from things like hardware failures and ransomware.

Reduce Downtime

Accessible backups reduce downtime by making data restoration simple.

Need Help?

Experienced data loss due to a malware attack or ransomware?

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Are Your Backup Plans in Place?

Many companies aren’t using the right safeguards. They rely on dated strategies, like maintaining a single backup. These fail to consider modern threats like ransomware, which can sit dormant for long periods, and infect months of backups. 

Backup and disaster recovery plans provide multiple safety nets for multiple scenarios.
Does your company have a strong backup retention policy in place? This is one of the critical safeguards to help ensure that your organization has restoration options when dealing with a data-impacting event.

Protect all of your data, including:


Why You Need a BDR Plan

Data loss occurs for many reasons, and can happen any time. Whether a hardware failure, or ransomware attack – if you can’t get back up fast enough it can mean lost productivity, lost clients and more.
Backup systems are a prime target of ransomware attackers.
Did you know that ransomware can sit dormant for months, silently infecting each new backup? This makes the road to recovery long and costly.

A modern BDR strategy that follows the 3-2-1-0 strategy is one of your best protections against things like ransomware attacks, and data loss due to:

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Their partnership and skill has exceeded our expectations, and enabled us to reduce in-house IT requirements.

Brendan O’Neill, Manager
London Hospital Service Inc.


Technology Partners

We’ve built backup and disaster recovery plans for clients for more than two decades. In that time we have come to trust and rely on key technology partners like Veeam and Barracuda to help make our custom BDR solutions possible.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup Plans are Peace of Mind

Which systems would you need to recover first? Asking critical questions like these are how we help get organizations on the road to protecting their businesses, and also having peace of mind:

For help on protecting your business from data loss, don’t hesitate to contact us:


Everyone Benefits

Great backup and disaster recovery planning looks at every part of your business, and usually has benefits that will be felt in every corner of your organization.


Files Are Never Lost. 

For Employees

Rest assured knowing that accidental deletions and file  overwrites are thing of the past. Data is never lost, and more recoverable than ever.

IT Leaders

No More Costly Restores.

IT Leaders

Say goodbye to costly data recovery due to hardware failure, and reduce restores caused by human error.


Protect Your Assets.


Your business runs on data, and you've spent years building it. A robust BDR ensures that this critical asset is protected, no matter what happens.

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Data Protection Built For you

OTG develops backup and disaster recovery plans for clients that virtually eliminate the chance of data loss, using a variety of state-of-the-art methodologies, including:

Backup Plan Questions

Have questions about backup and disaster recovery plans? Keep reading, and be sure to contact us if you don’t find your answer below.

In the event of a crisis, you may initially lose the active copy of your data. But with an active BDR plan, it won't be lost.

Depending on your backup synchronization schedule, there may be differences between the active copy and the most recent backup – but OTG can help determine the right backup tools, and frequency of backups for your business. Contact us today to find out more.

Depending on the needs of the organization, implementing a robust and effective BDR plan can vary in cost. 

The best way to look at the cost of a BDR plan is like an insurance policy. The cost of not having one could be exponentially higher, and critically damaging to your business.

The time it takes to build a BDR plan varies from client to cleint.

It requires review of your organization's data, and what you need. The time can be as little as a few days, to months.

The factors that impact this? How much data you have. How quickly you may need it restored, and how much you are able to invest in technology.

In every case however, there are solutions that we can tailor perfectly to your needs.

The first step is starting the conversation. Contact us today to find out more on how to protect your organization.

The amount of time it takes to restore backed up data comes down how available a client needs that data to be.

It can be a matter of minutes, to hours depending on several factors, like internet speed.

The key is to build the backup plan that is right for your business, and that's  exactly what OTG does for its clients.

We have designed and implemented a variety of BDR solutions for a wide range of organizations. Each has different needs, and different amounts of data that need to be preserved and readily available.

Because each BDR plan is custom-tailored to the client, the best way to start protecting your data is to contact us and get the conversation started.

The 3-2-1-0 backup rule is one that OTG follows. It means that you a) have 3 copies of your data on b) 2 different types of storage and c) store 1 copy of the data in an off-site location. 0 refers to the number of errors your backups should complete with.

There is also the 3-2-1-1-0 rule. The additional 1 refers to storing your data offline, or in the cloud provided that this data copy cannot be edited while in storage.

Yes, and it can often be overlooked. Microsoft 365 is a suite of collaboration tools used across organizations, making it extra important to ensure that your company has a backup and retention plan in place to protect that valuable data.

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What Clients Say

Our fast-paced business demands reliability, and for almost 15 years we have been depended on OTG to deliver exactly that. Their Remote Office solution has been indispensable, and helped us unify the operations of our 30 locations and more than 300 employees working across Canada.

Mike Kustra President, RTD/TriCan

The best call I ever made for my business was the one to OTG. Their expertise hasn’t only saved me a lot of stress, time and money - it’s enabled me to focus all my energy on running my business.

Ed Lamers President, Tillsonburg Custom Foods

For more than a decade OTG has been a critical IT partner by providing first-class 24/7 support for our variety of needs. Our business runs on their services – things like server maintenance, backup support, hardware integration and network monitoring. Their partnership and skill has exceeded our expectations, and enabled us to reduce in-house IT requirements.

Brendan O'Neill Manager, London Hospital Service Inc.

There is no question that our partners at OTG are deeply invested in understanding how our company works. They listen, and ask great questions that make us think about what would make our jobs easier. Building systems that do this means our team can focus entirely on our client’s cases, and not have to worry about things like losing data.

Ennio Micacchi Partner, Nesbitt Coulter Law Firm

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