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Network Integration & Design

We design and build modern, secure computer networks for organizations of five, all the way to 500.

Network Integration

Modernize your corporate network to reach every corner of your office with a new level of reliability.

Wireless & Remote Access

We build robust, corporate-class networks that work, however and wherever your teams do.

Security & Monitoring

OTG builds networks to fit the security needs of clients, while offering monitoring services to minimize threats.

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NETWORK DESIGN & Integration

Modern Networks for Modern Organizations

OTG specializes in the design and integration of modern, secure networks for a range of companies and organizations, including offices, warehouses and more.

For teams of five to five-hundred, OTG designs modern networks that boost productivity and provide better data security throughout your organization.

Contact us today for a quote, and find out how OTG can help you build a network that works.

Our Networking Services:


We Build Networks that Work

Whether building new, or upgrading an existing network, OTG will assess your unique needs, and design a custom-tailored network solution that best suits your company, and your budget.

OTG networks remove connectivity barriers for your team, and produce immediate, positive results.

When a network offers consistent, blazing-fast speeds and reliable connectivity anywhere on your premises, teams can focus their energy on jobs done.

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The best call I ever made for my business was the one to OTG. Their expertise hasn’t only saved me a lot of stress, time and money – it’s enabled me to focus all my energy on running my business.

Ed Lamers, President
Tillsonburg Custom Foods

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Experts in Your Network

Designing and helping integrate modern networks for clients means getting to know them, and their business, up close.

With the perfect network in place, our monitoring and traffic auditing solutions keep things secure, and running optimally.

Network monitoring, combined with our intimate understanding of a client’s business, enables us to jump in when necessary.

Network modernization

Everyone Benefits

Modernizing your corporate network is one of the keys to improving satisfaction in every corner of your organization. Have questions, or interested in a quote? Contact us today.


Connectivity solved.

For Employees

Unreliable networks are frustrating. An OTG network, designed specifically for your work environment ensures that reliability doesn't stop you from getting the job done.

IT Leaders

Maintenance minimized.

IT Leaders

Well-designed modern corporate networks cut time spent fixing connectivity issues, enabling team to focus on projects that truly matter.


Reduce lost productivity.


A modernized corporate network eliminates one of the biggest drains on employee productivity: poor and unreliable connectivity. 


General Questions

Have questions about modernizing your organization’s network? Keep reading, and be sure to contact us if you don’t find your answer below.

One of the primary benefits of investing (or re-investing) in your organization's network is an increase in speed. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

We have a number of solutions to deal with the all-to-common issue of poor wireless connectivity. Contact us today if you'd like to know more.

While there are countless things that cause network disruptions, the fact is this is an extremely common issue that affects so many organizations. The good news is that there is mix of solutions that we can implement to help solve this once and for all. Contact us today if you would like to know more.

A slow network is the source of frustration for so many, and the causes range from being related to software and hardware, to signal interference and even physical obstruction. The good news is that for every cause there is a solution. Want to know more about how OTG can help improve your organization's network speed? Contact us today.

OTG specializes in the design and integration of networks,  procuring and installing hardware, including setting up wireless access points. We also work closely with a number of specialized network partners to help build our clients the perfect network for them.

To find out more about how we can help, or to obtain a quote, contact us today.

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Have Questions?

Contact Us Today.

What Clients Say

Our fast-paced business demands reliability, and for almost 15 years we have been depended on OTG to deliver exactly that. Their Remote Office solution has been indispensable, and helped us unify the operations of our 30 locations and more than 300 employees working across Canada.

Mike Kustra President, RTD/TriCan

The best call I ever made for my business was the one to OTG. Their expertise hasn’t only saved me a lot of stress, time and money - it’s enabled me to focus all my energy on running my business.

Ed Lamers President, Tillsonburg Custom Foods

For more than a decade OTG has been a critical IT partner by providing first-class 24/7 support for our variety of needs. Our business runs on their services – things like server maintenance, backup support, hardware integration and network monitoring. Their partnership and skill has exceeded our expectations, and enabled us to reduce in-house IT requirements.

Brendan O'Neill Manager, London Hospital Service Inc.

There is no question that our partners at OTG are deeply invested in understanding how our company works. They listen, and ask great questions that make us think about what would make our jobs easier. Building systems that do this means our team can focus entirely on our client’s cases, and not have to worry about things like losing data.

Ennio Micacchi Partner, Nesbitt Coulter Law Firm

Since 2001

Our IT expertise comes from helping clients through every stage of their digital transformation. We can help with yours.

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